Interview with DJ Clinton Sparks

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After sparkling in big cities around the world DJ Clinton Sparks has finally landed on our city. Spinning for us at the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge at KL Live tonight, get ready for his heart thumping smashing hits.


Your career choices had always been impressive. Being a recording artist, writer, producer, TV personality and of course a high-demand DJ. Any add-ons to your long list of careers?

Yea I’m also the music correspondent on E News which is aired every week. I write a lot of comedy scripts and TV shows as well. I’m also writing a book. I have a new television show which will be out next year. I am also the host of a radio show called Smashtime Radio. You can download the podcast every week at


We are really excited for your appearance at Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge party. Any specific kind of music you are spinning for that night?

I’m gonna play music which will aroused women. Energetic music, which will get the crowd, hyped up. I might stage dive, shoot laser beam, take my shirt off, I might even take my socks off. Not sure yet. I’ll figure it out.


You will be on deck with other popular international DJs that night. Any special collaboration with each other?

I’ve never met the other DJs yet but I’m definitely looking forward to meeting them. Von Kiss hit me on facebook. When I say hit I don’t really mean hit me on my face but in a hip hop term but yeah I’m really looking forward to meeting them tonight. How bout Johnnie Walker? Will he be here? I wanna meet Johnnie Walker.


Can you tell us about your upcoming album? When is the release date?

It is ready but we’re gonna drop it on the top of 2012. I also have a band called Ughmerica and we just released a single with a video called ‘No Swag’. Check it out on my website. We will be dropping a couple of new singles soon. I’m very excited about my career and Ughmerica. (Stream Clinton’s videos at


We understand that you are producing albums for a few other artists? Can you tell us more about the productions?

I write records for Lady Gaga, Pitbull, and Akon. Right now I’m working on Enrique Iglesias’ song remix, ‘I Like How It Feels’. I got a lot of records coming up. I am always working and now I’m working on songs for Girls Generation.


How do you juggle between the productions of your solo album with the other artists’?

Being a workaholic. I get very little sleep but I get the excitement in life. Everyday I do something new and I wanna do them better than what I did yesterday. I am working on my own album right now. My first debut single will be dropping soon. My other single ‘Watch You’ collaborated with Pitbull, Benny Benassi and The Disco Fries will be dropping in a couple of weeks.


Any wise words for young people out there who desire to have a career like yours?

Be the first you and not the second for nobody else.


When you were spinning for celebrities, is there any celebrity tales you could share with us? Anything crazy? Incriminating but funny?

Go to my website and my new EPK is there. Go to my story, and there is a new 6 minute video I just posted up. It shows how I pranked Eminem and it also showed me sleeping in Rick Ross’ bed. He got so mad and almost threw me out. But I always joke around my friends.


Have you ventured into fashion like designing clothes, shoes, and accessories?

Maybe in future.


How did you come about becoming a DJ? How did you start? Spinning for celebrities or?

I started spinning in different shows and slowly I started spinning all around the world.


Tonight’s event is a Brazilian themed night. Are you going to play any songs related to the Brazilian culture?

I don’t know but if I see some Brazilian women out there shaking then I probably will. Brazilian men, nahh I don’t think so.


Any good memories from previous parties?

You know its good memories every single day. Life is exciting; getting invited to parties every time, so every single day is a great memory for me. Sometimes you have awesome parties, sometimes u have not so awesome parties. I get paid to listen to music everyday and share it with people. How can u have a better job than that?

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