What Went Down: Moovment 2011 @ KL Live


From the East to the West and back to the Southeast, if it’s not the quad of Far East Movement that moved the crowd of KL Live that night, then we don’t know what did. Performing their hit songs such as ‘Rocketeer’, ‘So What’, ‘Jello’, ‘OMG’ and number one hit single ‘Like A G6’, they brought a whole new meaning to the free wired song genre – a mixture of hip hop, pop, electro and dance. The quad definitely did not come empty handed as they brought along awesome giveaways for their beloved fans here in KL ranging from autographed t-shirts to drum sticks.

Moovment 2011 kicked off with DJ Junior spinning on the deck. The beats were good but after waiting for one and a half hours, the crowd seemed a bit restless. That’s when a shirtless lunatic rushed up onstage to pump everyone’s adrenaline up. This was of course, Moots from the local band Pop Shuvit. Proceeding to shower the audience with KK Mart champagne, Moots sure did start up the night with a blast.

The party wasn’t even over after Far East Movement was done performing as all-time favourite DJ Earworm from the UK started spinning all of his awesome mash-ups from 2007 till present. Talk about after-parties, this could be one of the best we’ve been to!

Talented and gorgeous DJ Crystal gave the party animals of KL a taste of her brand new mash-ups and ended Moovment 2011 on a high note. One that KL would not forget, even if we were on a G6!

Moovment 2011 was presented by Tune Talk and happened on 3 December 2011 @ KL Live.