K-Town Clan: Playground

The Americans might have Lil Jon, but we have our very own crunk ambassadors in K-Town Clan. If party hardy champagne-showering rap is your cup of tea, their new album Playground will not disappoint. Featuring fresh hits like ‘Sum’in Like This’ and ‘Whose Ya Daddy’ this new compilation will definitely get your swag on, be it when you walk on the streets or drive your way to work. Be sure to check out their party hits ‘Come Get Some’ and the self-explanatorily titled ‘Party Animal’, both will definitely get you hitting dance floors the instant the beat blows off.

LISTEN TO: ‘Sum’in Like This’, ‘Whose Ya Daddy’
IF YOU LIKE THIS YOU’LL DIG: ‘Come Get Some’ and ‘Party Animal’

Local hip hop is doing well – myspace.com/ktownclan.