Miramika: The Finer Things in Life

Miramika stems from the combination of the owner Amira’s real name, and the nickname foreigners have mistakenly called her during her time abroad, Mika.



You can’t be an entertainment hub called The Roof and not have an outlet actually up on the rooftop, can you?


Will Sparks: To Be Young and a DJ

Isn’t it wonderful to be young, good looking, and talented in this day and age? 21-year-old Australian DJ, Will Sparks, took the EDM scene by storm in just under a year.


Play @ The Roof

So you have five different doors under one roof and each of them guarantees you a different experience, how do you choose? Well, if you’re looking to loosen your tie, let your hair down, and cosy up to (we really mean grind here) strangers, Play is just what the debauchee in you need.


Win a Pair of Passes to Hostess Club Weekender

King Krule, Mogwai, The National, Asgeir and Buke & Gase? That’s the loudest call to indie fans if I’ve ever heard one. JUICE has 3 pairs of passes to The Hostess Club Weekender to give away!


Win a Pair of Warpaint Passes!

Just two days before the big V-day, take your date to Warpaint’s show and let their magical music seal the deal.