Play @ The Roof

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source: Play @ The Roof

Ultimate Playtime
So you have five different doors under one roof and each of them guarantees you a different experience, how do you choose? Well, if you’re looking to loosen your tie, let your hair down, and cosy up to (we really mean grind here) strangers, Play is just what the debauchee in you need. Not just the only premium dance club in PJ, Play is equipped with state-of-the-art staging, audio, and visuals to ensure maximal good time. The venue promises a unique and classy experience, we suppose the leather-clad sofas and a floor to ceiling window that frames the suburbanscape of PJ does exude affluence. Look elsewhere within the club though, you’d find two large cages smack in the middle of the club and chains strewn across a fireplace in the wall. That might sound bizarre (might is an understatement), but how often do you get to say you partied where walls were ablaze with fire and people were dancing in cages without raising an eyebrow? Exactly.

Play is perfect for the ladies and gents who just want to roll up their sleeves, ditch their best behaviour, and unleash the animal in them that have been pent up in office cubicles and formal meetings for far too long [Ed’s note: this writer did exactly that… in the cage]. Plus points for not making you wait forever for the bartender’s attention to get drinks. Good service is, after all, essential in getting you buzzed enough to muster up enough confidence to drop the Hannah Montana act and get in the cage and start wrecking it Miley style [Ed’s note: again, exactly what this writer did]. Runners will be running up to your table without even being called to take your drink orders, replenish your ice buckets, and clean up your table should you be too drunk to keep your drinks in your glass instead of all over your table. Accommodating to our low patience and clumsiness (without nasty scowls on their faces) scores them some serious points in our books.

If you’re looking for specific types of music to lose yourself to, Wednesdays (ladies night) and Saturdays are dedicated to hip hop and r’n’b while on Thursdays and Fridays, the club will be booming with the heavy bass of EDM. Play’s doors are open to those between the ages of 21 to 40, so don’t worry about the voyeuristic eyes of old uncles or prepubescent-looking boys trying to cop a feel. The doors are not open, however, to those in slippers, shorts, and sleeveless tops (for men at least). Did you think they were gonna let just about anyone into a club with fiery walls and cages?!

OPEN: 10PM – 3AM (WED – SAT)
T: 013 270 3111