Miramika: The Finer Things in Life

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source: Miramika

Miramika stems from the combination of the owner Amira’s real name, and the nickname foreigners have mistakenly called her during her time abroad, Mika. And personally, Amira believes the brand name represents character and spirit, and captures the opposing aspects of the design of her jewelleries that vary from flamboyancy to modesty.

Her love for unique, creative, and handcrafted jewellery with a story, paired with her strong background in retail, sales, and past experience as a trained personal stylist, all rendered in the birth of Miramika, a web store that acts as a platform for artisanal products that delivers skilfully handcrafted jewellery to a global audience. The minimal design of the web store highlights the colours and forms of the pieces of the collection that includes collaborations with independent artists from Australia, Europe, and the United States. Not only that, in an effort to create a feel of intimacy between the maker and the wearer, many of the pieces are customised according to your personal style and aesthetics.

Elements such as silver, gold, topaz, rhodolites, crystals, and an array of chromatic stones can be found in Miramika’s collection. If you have a taste for the finer things in life, and the money for it, give the virtual gallery of carefully crafted jewellery a looksee.

source: Miramika source: Miramika source: Miramika

Find more on purchasing details and price at www.miramika.com.