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Wanna Be On Top?
You can’t be an entertainment hub called The Roof and not have an outlet actually up on the rooftop, can you? Stratosphere is in a class of its own, being the only rooftop-champagne bar located on an all-natural-grassed helipad in all of Asia. An unfettered 360 degree view allows the beauty of Genting Highlands, the Twin Towers, and all of Klang Valley to come to sight for you to appreciate (and instagram) as you slide into the deep sofas and sip on your drinks.

JUICE arrived as the sun was just about to completely set, allowing us to witness the rooftop glow in the orange hues of the sinking sun and how Klang Valley slowly came to life with lights twinkling from highways, buildings, and cars around and below us. Being up where the air was cooler definitely made enduring the traffic before worth it. The breeze and the view made us relaxed and look at everything through rose-tinted glasses as we sunk into our seats and enjoyed drinks prepared by very attentive staff.

The bar’s menu offers a selection of fruit juices, beers, cocktails, and bottles of champagne at a price comparable to other rooftop bars in town. Entertainment up on the roof is kept to music easy to converse over and at a minimal volume. “This is a classy establishment, the music never goes louder than this,” said operations manager, Kumar. The music sometimes can sound more fitting of a hotel lobby while other times good deep house did worm into the mix, but what do we know of class, eh? If you’re looking to unwind from a long, hard day at work and selection of music is of no importance to you, then this is the place to be. Your stress and worries will wash away upon stepping onto the greenery and feasting your eyes on the enthralling landscape. Beautiful as it is, we would find it much easier if there were somewhere to empty the tanks without having to endure 3 flights of stairs or a painfully long elevator (if you could call it that..) ride. Portaloos would ruin the vista, we suppose.

Stratosphere opens its green utopia for events; be it elegant engagement parties, classy brand launches, or even raging birthday parties. With the greenery and the suburbanscape of PJ as your backdrop, you’ll be setting the bar high – literally and figuratively – for all party planners in town. Your guests may have a little trouble with the whole ‘where to tinkle?’ issue, but hey, the ambience the venue offers makes up for that. 

source: Stratosphere source: Stratospheresource: Stratosphere

OPEN: 6.30PM – 2.00AM
T: 603 7724 1788
E: [email protected]