10 Signs You’re Dating A Softboy

Beware the most dangerous breed of fucboi.


The Best Non-Superhero, But No Less Fantastical Comics You Need to Read

Believe it or not, comics aren’t all about men in spandex.

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The Theory of Emo-lution

Don’t say you know emo unless you know these facts.

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So You Want to Be An Animal?

A primer on two subcultures that oftentimes get lumped together.


VIDEO: PUP Give Their New Single ‘Old Wounds’ The Video (Game) Treatment

Canadian punk rock meets retro video games, alien invasions, homicidal basketball fans, and reservoir sharks. You’ve been warned.

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What The Fuck Even Happens In Europe? – Eurovision’s Funniest Entries

I mean, where else on TV are you gonna see two pudgy men humping a piano?

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We Exist: The ‘B’ In LGBT+ Stands For Bisexual, And Nothing Else

Bisexual people do exist, and they are under fire from all sides.


Boy Meets World – Isaiah Firebrace Is All Set To Take Music By Storm

Young, humble, and putting family above all else, Isaiah Firebrace has a bright future ahead in music – and is ready to seize whatever comes his way.


Get Your Groove Thing On – FKJ is Coming to Kuala Lumpur!

Sun, 17th Sep '17

7.30pm - 11.30pm

The Bee, Publika


Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator Delivers a Delightful Dad Experience for All

Hi, wholesome dating simulator games. I’m Dad.