Young M’sian YouTubers Collect 1,000 Pieces of Trash to Celebrate Their 1,000 Subscribers

It seems like youngsters are the only ones spearheading the movement towards a greener and cleaner environment.

It was only last year that the #KutipSampahChallenge gained traction due to its simple yet massively impactful plan for youths (or any age group, we don’t discriminate!) to start collecting trash whenever we see it scattered amongst our surroundings.

Now, we have another group of youngsters taking matters into their own hands and collecting a generous 1,000 pieces of trash within their neighbourhood.

The video uploaded by Youtuber ‘nama saya afif’ shows him and his friends prowling the streets as trash vigilantes. With just a few garbage bags, tongs and camera crew, they managed to pick up 1,000 pieces as a celebration for their 1,000 subscribers.

Congrats guys! Watch the video below:

As they collect trash, their amusing conversations act as a pleasant background as well as the comically climactic music that plays throughout the video. Despite the title, the YouTubers actually surpassed their 1k benchmark, proving that it’s not just about the subscribers, it’s about the environment.

Let’s continue to support creators who not only make funny videos but wholesome ones as well. It’s not everyday we see YouTubers celebrating milestones by selflessly contributing to a cleaner environment for all of us. Kudos to them!

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