Craving Affection? Youths Are Now Writing Poems & Going To The Beach With an AI Lovebot

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I think everyone knows what we mean when we say, “Love hurts,” especially Incubus.

Heartbreak is never an easy thing to navigate, and with times like these when we’re all in isolation, that pain is heightened tenfolds.

So, why subject ourselves to the pain of love? Why not immerse ourselves in AI technology instead and relish in a robot-partner who will only leave us once we go offline and frankly, during a pandemic, who is ever offline?

That’s exactly the kind of mentality China has when they created a revolutionary AI bot who will become your new boo thang.

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Created by the company Replika which is owned by Microsoft and Xiaoice, this humanlike bot is here to wipe your tears… virtually.

With the presence of this AI, many youths in China have switched to having bot partners instead of human ones. Most of them made the switch after a nasty break-up that left them with heartache and trauma, as reported by Oddity Central.

If you’re familiar with the movie Her, this bot also analyses the user’s social media and writing style so they can speak to you as realistically as possible.

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Jessie Chan, 28, from Shanghai asserted the technology’s effectiveness after she embarked on a romantic partnership with her bot, Willi, post-break-up with her 6-year real-life love. Ouch, Jessie… My heart goes out for you!

Similar to human partners who you can buy with gifts, cakes, flowers and green cards, the AI requires a fee of RM254 for you to use their services.

These services sound pretty great since you can write poems together as well as go to virtual beaches and get lost in forests. Can your human s/o do that?

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At the moment, over 10 million youths in China have been using this AI and it seems like it is quickly becoming a reliable alternative to dating an actual human.

Wow, human connection has really dropped in the past few years. But before you decide to download it and try it out for yourself, make sure to take a trip down Reddit lane because apparently, users are calling it creepy… and apparently, sentient!