TikToker Felt “Petty” Travelling 5,935 Miles From California To South Korea To Remove Old Love Lock

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Source: @kassieyeung/TikTok & SnackFever

Let’s admit it, breakups truly suck.

Some might say as you get older, you handle breakups in a more mature way but we’re only human so there are days where you might wake up feeling petty like Tiktoker Kassie Yeung, who chose to travel to South Korea to remove a love lock.

Recently, Kassie made a decision to travel 5,953 miles to Seoul, South Korea from Los Angeles, California just so she could remove a love lock that she and her ex attached to a tourist attraction.

The 23-year-old recorded her journey and shared it on her TikTok which has now garnered over 4.8 million views as of time of writing.

Love locks on top of Namsan Tower Source: SnackFever

According to Insider, Kassie went back to the top of the N Seoul Tower, more commonly known as the Namsan Tower, where she had left the lock on one of the tower’s fences back in 2019.

The fences of the tower has the same concept as the famous Love Lock bridge (known as the Pont des Arts bridge) in Paris where people would put a lock as symbol of their love.

The TikTok video begins with Kassie hopping on the plane and then finally arriving in Seoul where she bought a pair of wire cutters and proceeded her journey to Namsan Towers to complete her mission. You can watch the whole journey here:

@kassieyeungSnip snip😈 #seoul #seoultravel #seoul_korea #seoultower #lovelock #breakup #petty #korea #breakuptiktok #pettytiktok #heartbreak♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Kassie’s mission to find her lock through the thousands of locks attached on the fences took about 30 minutes, which is pretty fast considering it has been two years since she locked it.

As petty as her actions may seem, Kassie told Insider that she didn’t travel to South Korea for the sake of cutting off the lock but to pursue a backup dancing career.

Source: @kassieyeung/tiktok

She had remembered about the lock and decided to take advantage of her trip to remove it, saying that her goal was to create relatable content for her followers.

“It is relevant in the sense that everyone goes through relationships, breakups, and possibly having love locks with ex-lovers,” she said.

Her content proved to be successful as her followers flooded the comments section with their own stories while others expressed to do the same with their love locks.