Netflix’s Sexy Beasts is a New Dating Show Where Contestants Wear Costumes To Find Love Beyond Looks

A new quote to live by

When we mention the word ‘love’, so many cliched quotes come to mind, but the most common would be ‘Love is blind.’

Taking that quote and injecting a whole lotta psychedelics into it, new Netflix show Sexy Beasts seems like it will be a drug-induced trip of a dating show.

Gone are the days where people meet naturally through set-ups with friends or casual dating apps and in comes the absurd blind dates with people wearing Chewbacca masks and dolphin costumes.

Hoping to rid the world of superficial dating, Sexy Beasts shows the courtships between real-life singles who dress to the nines in artificial prosthetics and elaborate makeup in order to make “real” connections.

I guess that “take her swimming on the first date” rule doesn’t apply in this dating show.

Comprised of insects, amphibians and fictional mammals, there’s definitely going to be some interspecies love going around and I’m not too sure how I would feel watching a praying mantis and rhino making out.

However, the concept alone is enough for me to add this show onto my watchlist.

Check out the trailer below:

In today’s era of technology and modernisation, it would be naive for us to think traditional dating would remain relevant.

We’re in 2021, baby! And the future calls for us to watch cosplayers get it on while we’re slouching away on our couches at home. Who knows? Maybe Sexy Beasts would make us feel less upset about being single or human.