WATCH: ‘Keep Flying’ Pays Tribute to MAS Airlines as National Airline

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Much has been written about the national air carrier, Malaysia Airlines (MAS), in the past months― from shutting it down to selling it off. This conversation has invoked much debate, including emotional ones, as to why the country needs to keep MAS with a gov’t bailout.

This is where Sasi The Don jumps in to give us a power-packed song filled with good vibes for the people of Malaysia and specifically for MAS. ‘Keep Flying’ is produced by Sasi The Don and D’Navigator and it features Alvin Chong, Jaclyn Victor, and Caprice.

(source: Coverage MY)

The track is moved by passion and emotions as the music, lyrics, and video all came together in less than 120 hours.

MAS has been around the aviation industry for the past 30 years, and many Malaysians have their fair share of fond memories with the airline, it’s no wonder people are having second thoughts about letting it go. And as our national airline, it would be a shame to sell it off.

Sasi the don said, “Jaclyn, Alvin, Caprice and I have been thinking of writing a song for the longest time. We have sat through jam sessions working on melodies of all sorts. With all the negativity happening around the world today, we wanted to write something to unite Malaysians with a ‘feel good’ factor – a positive tone – and bring the good vibes up.

It was when we heard the news on the potential closure of Malaysia Airlines that the lyrics ‘Keep Flying’ came to us, and it all naturally came together after that.”

Check out the music video for ‘Keep Flying’ below:

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