A Breakdown of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’s Teaser Trailer & Tarantino’s Other Works

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After 4 long years of anticipating the next Quentin Tarantino movie, the filmmaker has finally released the brand new teaser trailer of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, starring heavyweights Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie.

Here’s what we know so far about the highly-anticipated film…

Set in Los Angeles in 1969, commonly known as the zenith of hippy culture and Manson’s Helter Skelter fear-wave spurred by the Tate-LaBianca murders, a faded TV actor and his stunt double embark on an odyssey to make a name for themselves in the film industry.

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The film’s plot made waves within the film community due to Margot Robbie’s casting as Sharon Tate. With successive hits such as The Wolf of Wall Street (TWOWS), Suicide Squad and I, Tonya, the community was more than excited to see her in another major film alongside her dynamic counterpart in TWOWS, Leonardo DiCaprio.

source: The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Based on the teaser trailer, we assume that the whole Tate/LaBianca massacre will not be taking centre-stage but more so will be a supporting device for the bigger, overarching plot. Maybe, similar to his previous work, Jackie Brown, the violence and gore will be kept to a minimum this time.

However, in true Tarantino fashion, the humour is whip-smart and engaging as we watch DiCaprio and Pitt interact with other characters. We did not get to see much of Robbie though.

Perhaps Tarantino is keeping us at the edge of our seats for the newest update since he knows how excited the fans are to see Robbie on the big screen once again.

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While we wait, there is ample time to binge-watch all of Tarantino’s greatest hits.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a breakdown of his previous movies from least popular to well… Pulp Fiction.

1. Death Proof (2007)

source: Letterboxd

This is for the feminists out there! A crash course on girl power and the takedown of creepy, lurking men, Death Proof is a film that tells the story of a group of girls who are targeted by a stuntman (re: serial killer) played by Kurt Russell and his ‘death-proof’ muscle car. Paying homage to cheesy slasher films of the ’70s, Tarantino’s Death Proof is a guilty pleasure filled with funny one-liners, strong female characters, perfectly choreographed car-chase scenes and just the right amount of slow-burn to make the ending absolutely rewarding. Not to mention, our favourite quirky starlet, Marie Elizabeth Winstead, made her acting debut in this film which immediately launched her career into superstardom.

2. Jackie Brown (1997)

source: Jackie Brown (1997)

I think that it’s a sight to behold when male directors are able to flesh-out such strong, multi-dimensional and engaging female characters. Tarantino does it again with the pro-feminism themes with badass flight attendant, Jackie Brown. With half-a-million dollars in cash on the line, this cat and mouse thriller finds Jackie at the centre of a smuggling case. When cops start to sniff her out, she hatches an elaborate plan to somehow keep the money for herself as well as avoid prison. With the help of a bail bondsman, will she be able to get away with it? Bursting with suspense, action and explosive chemistry between characters, Jackie Brown is definitely a film you should watch!

3. Reservoir Dogs (1992)

source: bostonhassle.com

If you were to ask me which Tarantino film I find the most iconic, I would definitely answer with Reservoir Dogs. There’s just something about six men in tailored-suits robbing a bank that gets to me… The story begins when a robbery goes horribly wrong which leads to the reveal of an informant within the members. Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, and Mr. White (I know, how fun are these names) proceed to a warehouse where they hide from authorities whilst simultaneously trying to piece together who the snitch is. The film that propelled Tarantino’s work into the limelight, this masterful combination of gut-punching humour, gratuitous violence and carefully-woven plot has definitely solidified itself as a cult-favourite.

4. The Hateful 8 (2015)

source: Roger Ebert

Admittedly, the most recent Tarantino film, prior to Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, is my least favourite of Tarantino’s works. However, this does not mean that The Hateful 8 is a bad movie. On the contrary, it’s a fantastic examination of how isolation can twist a person’s mind into insanity and it definitely deserves more love. A story that is overflowing with plot twists and perfidious characters, The Hateful 8 is a slow-burn that builds to an atomic explosion at the end. Subtly funny and indisputably violent, all of Tarantino’s intrinsic characteristics are present and flourishing in this Western flick. When you have the time to lounge (because this movie is impeccably long), feel free to put this on, snuggle up in a blanket and enjoy.

5. Kill Bill duology (2003 & 2004)

source: downtowngreensboro.org

Two words. F*cking Awesome. If you haven’t seen Kill Bill, I highly urge you to do it right now. I don’t even care if you stop reading my article, just go watch it then come back and thank me for recommending it to you. This absolute masterpiece of a film details the blood-thirsty revenge of The Bride a.k.a Beatrix Kiddo. Her story spans into two chapters and Tarantino takes the time to pour his heart and soul into the choreography of every single action scene and it pays off. Not only is Kill Bill a pleasure to our eyeballs but its storyline does not suffer in exchange for its vibrant aesthetics. With Kill Bill Vol 1 being partially set in Japan, the locations’s beauty is emphasised with the celebration of Japanese culture (Samurai swords, Cherry Blossoms and Anime-styled illustrations).

Kill Bill Vol 2 is aesthetically pleasing as well as it shifts from different aspect ratios (e.g the buried alive scene) in order to astutely portray the claustrophobia (and other range of emotions) of the protagonist. Not to mention, the ending to this duology is not only unexpected, but it is also well-deserved and satisfying as hell. Please, I’m begging, go watch this!

6. Django Unchained (2012)

source: Django Unchained (2012)

An epic romance masquerading as an alpha-masculine action flick, Django Unchained follows the titular character as he escapes from his master with the help of a German bounty hunter. Once freed, the duo set off on a journey to collect bounties as well as free Django’s wife from the hands of a notorious plantation owner. One of the best recent films of Tarantino’s, Django Unchained has excellent action scenes and quick-draw gun fights. A modern gateway film to the world of Westerns, this movie truly flourishes with its southern charms, immaculate soundtrack, and intense performances–specifically from Leonardo ‘where’s my Oscar?’ DiCaprio.

7. Inglorious Basterds (2009)

source: independent.com

Arguably Tarantino’s most controversial and ambitious film, Inglorious Basterds is a movie set in Nazi Germany that intertwines two separate storylines perfectly by the end credits. Jewish-American soldiers, known as the Basterds, meet French-Jewish cinema owner, Shoshanna Dreyfus, as they embark on a mission to kill all Nazis. A fantastic and rewarding tale of revenge and victory with the backdrop of World War II, Inglorious Basterds is endlessly entertaining as well as hilarious. The third act of this film is one of my absolute favourite scenes to watch due to its maniacal, blood-stained beauty. If you like war films that aren’t focused on being a tearjerker but more so focused on action and intrigue, Inglorious Basterds is a movie for you.

8. Pulp Fiction (1994)

source: Pulp Fiction 1992

*Cue angels harmonising* The film that launched the careers of all its cast members as well as the film that has been claimed by soft boys all across the globe, Pulp Fiction is the epitome of a cult classic. Have you ever had a conversation with a beanie-wearing, cigarette smoking, hipster and they didn’t mention Pulp Fiction? I don’t think so. This movie has been hailed as the movie to boast about when you want to show your knowledge in films but you’re actually just a normie. All jokes aside, Pulp Fiction is a work of art. Despite the convoluted and spider web-like plot, Pulp Fiction ties together at the end beautifully and you are left marvelling at Tarantino’s expert craftsmanship. Made up of three separate stories that, in Tarantino-like fashion, coalesce by the third act, Pulp Fiction is immersive and intriguing from start to finish. If you’re a lover of films, you cannot miss this classic.

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