5 Minutes With… Fikri Fadzil of The Wknd

JUICE, never tired of featuring Fikri in hopes of making him Esquire’s Best Dressed Real Man one day, talks to him about the scene, Mokhtar Dahari, and the ordinal season of The Wknd.

Last Word

Fikri Fadzil: The Sleeping Tiger of Southeast Asia

After expanding regionally into Indonesia, and inspired by the scene across the Malacca straits over yonder, Founder and Director of The Wknd Fikri Fadzil ruminates over the question of our national identity in the music we produce.


The Wknd: A Weekend Session with Fikri

“We try to be genre-agnostic with the bands we feature, as we feel that music can, and should be appreciated, no matter what it sounds like” – Fikri Fadzil, Founder of The Wknd


Finding Clarity Within Bayangan

Fikri Fadzil finds himself out of a dark whirlpool and talks to us about why he created Bayangan.


Meet Bayangan, The Neo-Folk Artist We Need

“Life also has its low parts, and it is okay to feel that way – but not for too long.”


LISTEN: Bayangan’s ‘Cagaran Mimpi’

Second single from a familiar figure in music.


Places to Go on the Weekend of 8 — 10 April ’16

Creative conversations between Jagat’s director and producer, Indiego & Co.’s second anniversary featuring RAC, an evening with Huklas, and many more.


Places to Go on the Weekend of 1 — 3 April ’16

A Yasmin Ahmad film screening, LoC Prime Fridays is back, a Politiko card game between Nurul Izzah and Ong Kiang Ming, and many more.


LISTEN: Bayangan’s ‘Kuala Lumpur’

A message for the city.