Places to Go on the Weekend of 8 — 10 April ’16

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This weekend consists of a couple of creative conversations, namely Jagat’s director and producer regarding its 10-year long production and a Czech graphic designer speaking on visualising music. Speaking of music, catch soon-to-be-famous-rockstar Fikri Fadzil aka Bayangan performing alongside Euseng Seto and Kent Lee, Fadhil and Meaghan, and Simfoni Ketiak Berachun at Live Fact, then celebrate Indiego & Co.’s second anniversary with RAC on Saturday night. If you’re not one to sleep entirely on Sunday after going to bed when the sun rises, spend Sunday evening with Reddi Rocket, The Bat Cave, Kyoto Protocol, Youth Portal, and many others during THISCOVER Weekend at TREC. We’re not psychics, but we know these parties aren’t ones anyone would want to miss.

Live Fact Pres. Bayangan, Fadhil & Meaghan, Euseng Seto & Kent Lee, Simfoni Ketiak Berachun


After debuting at PAT.PEND #1, Fikri Fadzil aka Bayangan will play his second show at Live Fact, along with ambient producer Euseng Seto and bassist Kent Lee, leftfield, disconcerting performance by Simfoni Ketiak Berachun, and folk duo Fadhil & Meaghan. It’s a disparate array of genres, so come through to have a listen of what the local music scene has to offer.

Date Friday 8 April ’16
Time 9pm
Venue Live Fact

RSVP by emailing [email protected]. More information on the event here.

Time x Space: Art Group Exhibition


Over the span of a week, you can head to Minut Init Art Social for a group exhibition that will feature ten artists. At the showcase, you can view, contemplate, and discuss the works of Bono Stellar, Sharina Shahrin, Aleff Ahmed, Lupe Parada, Wang Rou, Fush, as well as some who’ve recently been featured in JUICE such as Fri Till Dea, Ajim Juxta, Tomi, and Sliz.

Date Friday 8 April ’16 — Thursday 14 April ’16
Time 9pm — 2am
Venue Minut Init Art Social

More information on the event here.



CIRCLE is a new house and techno club night that aims to infuse your nocturnal goings-on with progressive, propulsive beats and rhythm for a quality night out. Experience this first-hand this Saturday – come by COMO to witness the likes of DJ Hightech, Hebbo, and Aisha Wilkinson, who will all supply top-notch house and techno choons. DJ Hightech, for one, is a producer whose works have been featured on numerous labels and has had his work selected to be included in a compilation for Balance Music.

Date Friday 8 April ’16
Time 10pm — 3am
Venue COMO

More information on the event here.

The Creative Process: The Making of Jagat


In between the torrent of cringe-worthy Malaysian films (i.e. Cicak Man, Pisau Cukur), are gems such as Mukhsin, Bunohan, and Jagat. The latter, criminally underseen, explores the trying times Malaysian Indians endured during the post-estate era. It received numerous praises for its storyline, historical context, direction, and acting — it garnered enough attention for it to be screened in cinemas for eight weeks, which was a feat considering the fact that its theatre run coincided with Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ as well. If you were one of the lucky ones who got to watch the film, come through for this talk on the creative process of the movie, of which director Shanjhey Kumar Perumal and producer Sivanantham Perianan will discuss the obstacles they faced during filming and the 10-year-long production time it took to make the film.

Date Saturday 9 Apr ’16
Time 3pm
Venue Ilham Gallery

More information on the event here.

TypoCakap with Pavla Nešverova


This edition of TypoCakap involves Czech graphic designer Pavla Nešverová — she is most notable for using music as her main influence in her art. When Pavla isn’t winning design awards or participating in exhibitions, she works closely with Sera Yong on For this session, Pavla will be discussing her experience in the psychedelic world that is visualising music. As always, seats are limited to 40 people — last Wednesday, TypoKaki announced that there were only five slots left available. We’re not sure what the situation is now, but if you’re thinking of going, best get to emailing [email protected] to secure a spot immediately.

Date Saturday 9 April ’16
Time 7.30pm
Venue Battery Acid Club
Cover RM45

More information on the event here.

Detuned Series


Spend Saturday night listening to what Slutski, Kubika, and Flikswitch have to play while meeting a few colourful characters — the best kind of people — that are sure to be lurking around Under9’s premises. An idea of what to expect musically; genres will range from feel-good disco tunes to acid to more new school electronic goodness.

Date Saturday 9 April ’16
Time 10pm
Venue Under9
Cover RM15 after 11pm

More information on the event here



Trust COMO to be one of the city’s best venues for deep house and techno. It is where Alam Shah’s Ohrwurm series is currently residing, and also where the popular opener for multiple international DJ acts – HULKAS – are playing. The duo has opened for the likes of Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, New World Punx, and DVVBS, so their resume can attest for their talents – catch them this weekend!

Date Saturday 9 Apr ’16
Time 10.30pm
Venue COMO

Follow COMO’s goings-on here.

Indiego & Co. 2nd Anniversary Pres. RAC (US)


For their first anniversary, Indiego and Co. brought down Baz Fratelli of The Fratellis, so there were lots of indie rock blaring through dearly departed ol’ faithful Frangipani. Since then, the men have migrated over to the new Zouk and in a blink of eye, it’s already time to celebrate their second anniversary. This time around, they’ll be bringing down producer and remixer RAC, whose stack of popular remixes and original singles befits the current musical milieu.

Date Saturday 9 April ’16
Time 11pm – 4am
Venue Zouk
Cover RM35 (before 11pm) RM45 (after 11pm)

More information on the event here.



Following two editions of A Sunday Affair that was curated by LapSap, comes another event called THISCOVER Weekend, this time organised and curated by another one of Zouk’s residents – Indiego and Co.. The event is touted to be similar to Like A Version – the popular segment on the Australian radio station Triple J – where the invited performers will perform a few covers each. Those slated to perform are the rock band you’d bring to meet your parents, Kyoto Protocol, dream pop band Youth Portal, sombre sibling duo Juno and Hanna, hip hop crew The Bat Cave, Akhyla DJ-producer Reddi Rocket, and DJs Laydeh and Kubika. Aside from the music, there will be retail and food vendors to complete the flea market vibes that we’ve come to associate TREC KL’s Sunday events with. Even more, recent JUICE featured designers and artists – Sherwan Rozan, Brindha Kumar, Raksasa Print, and Sharina Shahrin – will be selling their respective works as well as hold conversations with interested attendees. Then, photog collective .IMG (Rizki Maulana, Razlan Yusof and Alvin Lau) is set for a mini pop-up exhibition where a few choice vendors will sell photography-related products.

Richard and Adeline of BFM’s That Time of Night host.

Date Sunday 10 April ’16
Time 4pm

More information on the event here.