LISTEN: Bayangan’s ‘Cagaran Mimpi’

source: Bayangan/ selected by fikri fadzil

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Fikri Fadzil has increasingly been building a reputation for himself in music, not just as a supporter of Southeast Asian talents that is, but as a musician in his own right as Bayangan. With his first single ‘Kuala Lumpur’ and his few live shows that often came accompanied with interludes of self-deprecating anecdotes, Bayangan is shaping up to be a class troubadour. Second single ‘Cagaran Mimpi’ follows ‘Kuala Lumpur’ on a much sombre tone. With purposeful power strums opening the ballad, his voice is sonorous as he espouses and attempts to expel the torment and demons that reside inside in pursuit, or as an exchange, of his dreams. Even in lyrics that read as words of encouragement, there is a tinge of bittersweet triumph as the song rides the two bouts of shining peaks where the guitar kicks up in potency.

Listen to the song below:

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