5 Iconic ‘Adventure Time’ Moments That Will Be Missed

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After 10 years of mind-expanding shenanigans, Adventure Time finally comes to an end. The bittersweet hour-long finale, ‘Come Along With Me’, gave us an ending that was really a beginning (?). What we mean by that is although the ground-breaking animation was ending, its legacy is secured.

The epic saga of Finn and Jake in the magical, post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo which started many years ago on Cartoon Network, has turned into an international franchise with numerous dubbed versions, and theme parks opening in Asia, spawning its own cult following and earning its rightful place in pop culture.

It’s one of the best animated TV shows of recent years–for good reasons–it’s anarchic, energetic and inspiring. During its early days, Adventure Time‘s target audience were kids aged 2-14, however, it wasn’t expected for the show “to be a success story with just about every other demographic out there,” as mentioned in an article by TIME.

The series always emphasised a philosophy of endless renewal and that chaos is the result of nothingness, that the only way to beat that is to find something–whether it’s a lover, a friend, a song, or just another adventure. Maybe that’s why kids and adults alike could weirdly relate to the show. Boredom is a universal struggle, and Adventure Time has alleviated that by taking us on a long and strange journey. Almost making us pause for those 10 mins/episode, to really contemplate what we’ve found and lost along the way in our own lives.

Through out the series, there were tonnes of moments that we fell in love with and to mourn the end of Adventure Time, we compiled 5 of the most iconic moments:

1. Puncho Yo Buns

Out of the many quirky, lo-fi tracks in Adventure Time, this was by far the most popular. ‘Puncho Your Buns’ first appeared when baby Finn sang it in ‘Memory of a Memory’. Before Finn grew into a peaceful young man, he was a little boy seeking action and “violence”, thus singing about punching witches in the cutest way possible.

The song is so addictive and catchy that even upcoming American rapper, Tobi Lou created a song called ‘Buff Baby’ that is heavily inspired by this scene. Check it out below:


2. The Lich disguise as Billy

Every time Finn and Jake have to deal with The Lich, you know the episode is gonna be as dark as it can get. The Lich, also known as the Lich King, is the main antagonist of Adventure Time. He is an evil entity who escaped from his imprisonment and tried to bring extinction to all life.

In episode 26, Season Four, Finn and Jake go out of their way to warn their idol Billy about the villain. Described as one of the more disturbing moments in the otherwise enchanted series, there’s a bit of a nod to The Silence of the Lambs here as The Lich goes Hannibal Lecter on the old hero.


3. Fionna and Cake

This was the start of everyone thirsting over Marceline’s boy-version character, Marshall Lee. This gender-swap ‘Fionna and Cake’ episode got so many good reviews that they even decided to release two more sequels, ‘Bad Little Boy’ and ‘The Prince Who Wanted Everything’. It was produced during the show’s fifth and sixth season, respectively.

It was great to see the main character as a sassy humorous woman taking over the adventures. Even the intro and theme song were changed to fit the alternate universe (which exists in the Ice King’s fanboy-mind):


4. Simon and Marcy

source: Cartoon Network

Everyone hated Ice King at some point. He’s annoying, loud and crazy (as if getting the voice actor who did SpongeBob wasn’t enough) but episode 14 in season 5 gave us a closer look into the manic character’s tragic past beyond his icy blue skin and white beard.

The ‘Simon & Marcy’ episode explains Ice King and his relationship with Marceline. We get a flashback of Ice King when he was still Simon, and find out what makes him a compelling and important character in the series. After watching that episode, Ice King suddenly became a lot less annoying, and we began to take pity of Simon and his mental illness.


5. Bubbline’s Relationship *spoilers for finale*

On 3 September 2018, the final Adventure Time episode aired and a major revelation about Marceline and Princess Bubblegum was along the way. Many fans have long loved the idea of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline officially becoming a couple, and they finally got the moment they’ve been waiting for! As the two tearfully embrace in the finale, they then kiss, and you could practically hear the cheers of “Bubbline” fans everywhere.

Adventure Time executive producer, Adam Muto said the kiss between Bubblegum and Marceline has been a long one coming. While it wasn’t part of the show’s “original pitch”, the producer said the romance simply evolved over time until it couldn’t be ignored any longer.

This are some of the best and iconic moments in Adventure Time and obviously, there are tonnes of them and if we did pick ’em out, there would be a part 2 of this article.

Adventure Time is one of the most creative, progressive and unique series out there. Everything from the story plot, songs and characters just proves how amazing it is. If you have yet to watch it, go ahead and start the adventure this evening… cause it’ll take you awhile to come back.

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