Forget the Honeymoon, a Cartoon Network Theme Park is Opening in Bali

(Source: Travelzom)

Looks like the island is about to be transformed into a family-holiday destination…. Bali is known as a famous honeymoon destination with its beautiful beaches and incredible landscapes but now, Indonesian real-estate and hospitality investment company MAJ Group is joining forces with Turner Asia Pacific, the parent company of Cartoon Network to develop a 4.3 hectare entertainment park in Bali.

This entertainment park will be the biggest waterpark in the island and will include an indoor entertainment centred around the theme of Cartoon Network series like Powerpuff GirlsAdventure TimeBen 10, and We Bare Bears. Hopefully, they will have life-sized mascots of the characters to give warm hugs and for us to generally annoy.

This is how the theme park should look like. (Source: Turner)

The theme park is to be up and fully running in 2020 with water rides, massive surf and wave pools, and more. Expect Cartoon Network’s zany designs and Balinese hospitality throughout the park.

With the release of the park’s artist-rendered layout, everything looks amazingly cool so far. The indoor entertainment centre is reported to have live shows and rides inspired by our favourite Cartoon Network series. They’ll be plenty to do even on a day with bad weather!

The first Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark was opened in 2014 at Chonburi, Thailand and featured rides and other attractions based on memorable characters such as Johnny Bravo, Cow ‘N’ Chicken, The Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time’s Finn and Jake, Ben 10 and his aliens, the siblings from Dexter’s Laboratory and more. Checkout some photos of the Thai CN waterpark below:

Of course, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the park. You just have to be old enough to feel them nostalgia vibes… so see you there in 2020?


Which Cartoon Network characters would you want to meet there? Or, should they be building another theme park in Bali when the island is already threatened by high levels of pollution? Let use know in the comments.