From Kampung to House of Vans, Meet Malaysian Artist Kide Baharudin

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Images Vans

Vans have always been at the forefront for skaters, rebels, artists and outsiders who have that creative force in them, providing a platform for them to create and share their story. Now, the action sports and apparel brand kicks off their latest ‘Off The Wall’ campaign through the 2018 House of Vans Asia Tour which will be making stops in Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Singapore, Guangzhou and more cities in Asia.

With ambitions to enable and empower expressive creators beyond boundaries and limitations, the invitation to participate in the House of Vans is open to all creators across the region to share their creativity in forms of sports, art, music and street culture. One of of the participants, Malaysian-bred Kide Baharudin, caught JUICE’s attention with his artwork and perception towards Asia.

Kide and Vans first joined forces back in 2017 when Kide entered the Vans Asia Custom Culture competition and became the winner in Malaysia. “Kide was one of the finalists from our Asia Custom Culture Competition in 2017. His loose and colourful illustration style is rich, vibrant, energetic and is synonymous with our Off The Wall spirit,” said Justice Lee, Creative Director of Vans APAC.

As an artist, Kide emphasises the importance of his hometown, Kuala Pilah and the role that it plays in his creative endeavours. “It plays a really big part for me, as a person and what I do. My artworks capture a lot of what is around me… The place, the people and time. I love drawing and painting them,” related the artist.

“You can be creative anywhere – moving means you are exploring more opportunities and possibilities. It is my biggest motivation,” said Kide who also enjoys working with fellow artists–back in 2017, he collaborated with his mentor and friend, Fritilldea to create his D.I.Y Authentic in the 2017 Vans Asia Custom Culture competition.

Kide (left) and Fritilldea (right)

From Kuala Pilah to House of Vans tour, Vans recently released a video of his story which you can watch below.

Follow Kide on Instagram to see more of his sicc artwork.

House of Vans will be making a stop at cities across Asia, including Kuala Lumpur. Check it out here.