28 Kids From 4 Different Wives of 1 Husband Get Financial Aid, Schooling & Emergency Needs

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source: Bernama

If you thought the reality TV family on Jon and Kate Plus 8 was a big enough family, then you haven’t met this household in Klang with 28 kids living under the same roof.

The family went viral on social media and received negative attention for being so big yet living in a house that was not conducive to fit a family of that scale. They are made up of 28 children born from 4 different wives of the same husband.

It was first brought to the public’s attention from a Facebook post by a netizen who also mentioned that the eldest child who is in their twenties has left the family.

Take a look:

The family has since been receiving zakat (annual tax to aid the poor) since 2010.

According to Chief Executive Officer of Lembaga Zakat Selangor (LZS), Saipolyazan M Yusop, the family that is currently residing in Klang have been receiving aid in the form of rent, schooling, emergency needs and funds for the family to build their life from the ground up.

He also mentioned that the head of the family, which is the father, will be receiving counselling sessions while the children who are currently not in school will receive specialised courses in order to change their way of living.

In a statement at the Majlis Iftar dan Penyerahan Zakat Perniagaan, the CEO also mentioned that the children will need to sign a promise that they will change for the better as a form of motivation. The children who have been falling behind in high school will receive vocational courses and technical practice as well to heighten their potential.

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