Netizens Slam M’sian Parents Who Forced Their 2-Year-Old Baby To Vape As a Joke

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Parental negligence is no laughing matter and when it comes to these two parents, their ignorance and pure stupidity is too apparent and dangerous to ignore.

A 12-second clip of a 2-year-old baby boy being forced to vape by his parents has gone viral. Naturally, the baby was in immense discomfort and could be seen painfully withstanding the vapour. He could even be seen clutching at his mouth after exhaling.

What made matters worse was that while the father was forcing the child to vape, the mother was seen hitting the child on his arm and berating him. In the video, it appeared as if this was a form of punishment for the baby. She could be heard saying, “Mommy cakap apa?” as if to scold him for something he had previously done.

The clip was posted on Instagram user @eykasweet_’s story, followed by a statement from her addressing the hate she was getting from the video.

Here it is:


Essentially, the user mocked those who were expressing concern towards her son by saying,

“Everyone’s making a big fuss. It’s up to me to post whatever I want. If you don’t like it, you can unfollow me. Even those who aren’t following me are busy commenting on my posts. He’s my child, I can do whatever I want with him. I’m the one taking care of him, idiots!”

As if that wasn’t enough, she continued to post more on her IG stories, trying to dilute the situation.

This time, she expressed her frustrations at the numerous messages she was receiving. She said,

“I’m stressed out at all the messages I’ve been receiving. Stop making this viral. I didn’t think it could come to this. I know I made a mistake but if I wanted to kill my child, I would’ve gotten rid of him when he was just a newborn. All I did was make a video. I hope you all can forgive me. Stop making this viral, it stresses me out.”

She continued to defend her name by saying,

“Everyone has seen only the viral video but you haven’t seen how I have nursed my child. I didn’t know a silly video could go viral. I didn’t intend to abuse him, I know it was my mistake. I apologise. You made this situation bigger than it is. You have to realise that if anything were to happen to me, Anaqi [the son] is still nursing.”

Naturally, netizens were not having it when it comes to child abuse. Many began reporting the parents to Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) under parental negligence and abuse.

Some have even doxxed the mother on social media since her Instagram has now been set to private.

It’s baffling how parents are able to endanger the lives of their children by forcing them to inhale a substance that is even dangerous to full-grown adults.

It’s not a joke when children’s lives and well-beings are at stake and negligent parents should rightfully be reprimanded by the law.

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