Straight Up Gila! 10 Crazy Quotes by Ustaz & Ustazah’s from Malaysian Schools

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(source: Suara Perak. Image used for illustration purpose only.)

Being an Islamic teacher in a Malaysian school is considered a nobel career for one to enter. Ustaz and Ustazah’s are responsible for shaping young Muslim minds with the right guidance through scripture, and lessons on the religion’s history and values.

With that being said, there are some teachers with their own personal vendettas who mislead and influence the youth on sensitive topics. When it comes to politics (especially topics on race), there are rules and laws forbidding Malaysian teachers in general from spreading their own agendas as minors can be easily manipulated. But when it come to religious topics, most people tend to close one eye as they are scared to question things because they could be labelled as a ‘disbeliever’. Look no further than the flimsy reasonings used to legalise child marriage, or the blatant mislabelling of the LGBT community as paedophiles by Malaysia’s religious right, as examples of the toxicity that is engulfing the youth.

For the past two days, citizens of Twitterjaya was quick to response when a Twitter user – @napiez simply asked them, “Tell me the biggest horse manure you ever heard from your Ustaz and Ustazah” . With more than 200 (!) responses, we compiled 10 of the most-confusing and -unbelievable statements submitted. Scroll down to read what you can’t un-read..











#Bonus Round

Disclaimer: We’re not implying that all Islamic teachers are problematic, there are tonnes out there that are simply amazing and good educators – that, we support. But truth is, this is the reality of what Muslim-Malaysian students go through.

Some teachers like to use the method of scaring kids into doing/believing what they want them to. Shouldn’t it be the other way round? *wink wink*

It’s a problem that we, Muslim youth, face–creating a generation that believes in a “scary God”. We hope that future generations get quality education that encourages discussion and critical thinking rather than just straight up scare tactics. Doubting religion does not weaken someone’s faith, it only brings them closer to God.

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