Cops Say Zalina’s Mobile Phone Was Switched Off Since Nov 20, Believe She Had Disappeared Earlier

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source: NST

As authorities continue to probe Zalina Azman’s now-publicised disappearance, progressively strange details are being recovered almost daily.

Most recently, police found that the former newscaster’s phone was switched off, on November 20 last year, 9 days before her son reported her missing.

This led police to believe that she disappeared earlier than what was originally disclosed.

Shah Alam district district police chief Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim stated that, as of now, police are unable to confirm the reason behind Zalina being uncontactable, and it has not been confirmed that her phone was turned off due to the battery running out.

source: Metro

A subsequent update found that her house was in a state of disarray as it was initially being renovated and converted into a gallery, but the project was abandoned midway.

Police are looking for the labourers who were working on renovation work at Zalina’s house around the time she mysteriously vanished.

Despite multiple tip-offs made to the police from citizens claiming to have seen Zalina within the Shah Alam area, authorities have found no trace of her, and neighbours who had supposedly resided in Zalina’s neighbourhood in Seksyen 3 stated that the former reporter had never been one to mingle.

source: Utusan

Zalina’s son reported her disappearance on November 29 last year, after 5 days of failed attempts to contact her and finding that her home, where cops found Zalina’s purse comprising of her identity card, driving license, bank card, credit card, car keys and RM600 cash, was abandoned.

A public announcement regarding the disappearance of the victim was made on July 19 to allow the community to aid in the investigation of the case.

Police report via FMT

Shah Alam District Police Headquarters (IPD) published a picture of Zalina as well as information detailing her physical appearance, namely her tan skin, and petite body with an estimated height and weight of 158cm and 60kg respectively.

Netizens, taking the novel details of the disappearance into account, had made numerous claims including that which Zalina had fled the country without informing anyone, but police were quick to shut down this rumour, saying that their checks with the Immigration Department confirmed that there was no record of her leaving the country.

For now, the search for the beloved former TV host goes on. Police have asked individuals who may have information to contact Investigating Officer Sergeant Sabturia Lorong or Shah Alam Section 6 Police Station at 03-5519 4622.

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