Former TV3 News Anchor Zalina Azman Missing Since November, Home Found in Disorderly State

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Image via The Vibes

If the name Zalina Azman rings a bell, then you probably remember the ever-popular TV3 personality known for her lively hosting of programmes such as Money Matters.

Unfortunately, a Google search of Zalina will now result in news of her reported disappearance as of November 24 last year.

In the police report, as per Shah Alam District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said, Zalina’s family filed a report stating that her son had been trying to contact his mother for the past 5 days to inform her that his grandfather was admitted to the hospital, but to no avail.

Image via Harian Metro

He confirmed that the police force had been conducting investigations and delving into the most minute details to find the former star, and a check on the house found that its condition was disorderly.

Authorities also found Zalina’s purse comprising of her identity card, driving license, bank card, credit card, car keys and RM600 cash, leading to a series of sinister speculations.

Additionally, when her children decided to visit her home in Seksyen 3 on the same day the report was filed, they noticed that her car was parked at the side of the house as per usual.

“Nevertheless, his mother was not found. All search efforts have been carried out but so far, we have failed to find the victim,” the police said in a statement today, as reported by Harian Metro.

A recent photo of 58-year-old Zalina via Utusan.

A public announcement regarding the disappearance of the victim was also made today in order to allow the community to aid in the investigation of the case.

In the announcement, the Shah Alam District Police Headquarters (IPD) published a picture of Zalina as well as information detailing her physical appearance, namely her tan skin, and petite body with an estimated height and weight of 158 cm and 60kg respectively.

The police also asked individuals who may have information to contact the Investigating Officer Sergeant Sabturia Lorong or Shah Alam Section 6 Police Station at 03-5519 4622.

source: Boom! Malaysia

Meanwhile, Mohammad Bokhari Shariff, the 76-year-old owner of a tahfiz centre beside Zalina Shaharah’s residence in Section 3 here, said he had never met the woman since moving in several years back.

“The house was being refurbished into what appeared to be an office,” he explained, “but the project came to a halt last year before the cops arrived to see me, gathering clarification on her disappearance.”

Mohammad Bokhari, who has lived in the area for over 40 years, said the only reason he knew Zalina Shaharah purchased the residence was because the previous owner told him the house was sold to his close family member, who is also a television personality.

“But I believe she never stayed there; I only noticed a black luxury car always parked at the house, and I believe the car belonged to the homebuyer,” he told Malay Mail.

A search of the vicinity around Zalina Shaharah’s house revealed that it was abandoned, with the building works of a fence still unfinished.

Another one of Zalina’s neighbours house noted that the victim’s son came to her house last year to ask if he had seen his mother, but did not elaborate while a woman, who lives next door to Zalina Shaharah, was unaware of her presence at the house altogether.

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