Zahid Claims BN Can Solve Kelantan Water Crisis Within 5 Yrs If Voted At State Election

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source: Wiki

The worrying state of the water used by the general public in Kelantan has been a topic of conversation for years.

Last year, a Twitter post depicting how consumption and contact with the water had resulted in skin infections for some residents, while other reports noted that Kelantan is at risk of sinking due to the excessive sourcing of underground water.

Many blamed PAS, which has ruled Kelantan since 1990, for their lack of action in tackling the issue. Year after year, netizens from other states also prompt residents to vote other parties in hopes that it would help pave their access to clean and safe water.

Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi addressed the matter by stating that his party, Barisan Nasional, vows to put an end to the water crisis shall they be elected during the upcoming state election, set to take place in July or August this year.

source: Utusan

“We only ask for five years, and we will prove ourselves. If residents are dissatisfied with our work, they may vote us out after that,” he said.

Without mentioning specific names, Zahid also asserted that he opposed prior remarks which claimed the water crisis was simply the fate of the residents and thus something they had to tolerate.

He added that this mindset was irresponsible for a leader, whose duty is to find a solution to problems in the state.

What will the residents of Kelantan ultimately decide? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.