Netizens Express Distaste Towards Dirty Water Supply Allegedly Causing Skin Disorders In Kelantan

source: Quora

Most of us are lucky enough to only catch a glimpse of murky brown liquid in our bubble tea or coffee orders, but for Kelantan folk, the sight is all too familiar, owed to a lack of access to clean, consumption-safe water.

Residents in Kelantan have recently taken to social media to take a stand against the distribution of polluted water, enraged by the local officials’ inaction. They asserted that the distress had been ongoing for years, and that none of the authorities had stepped in to help.

The people of Kelantan began demanding that the state government come and investigate the contamination, fearing that the condition would exacerbate. Many contend that young children are particularly at risk of water contamination, and they are deeply worried for their child’s welfare.

One Twitter post in particular was quick to gain traction online, whereby the poster, named Hafiz, depicted the sorry state of his foot which seemed to have fallen victim to some type of infection or skin disease upon coming into contact with the water.

This aggravated netizens’ existing displeasure towards the situation, further highlighting how the water could potentially deteriorate one’s general wellbeing. Hafiz also noted that the scab was extremely itchy.

“With all due respect & enthusiasm during this glorious month of independence, I ask for the people to be freed from this endless water issue. Stop pointing fingers at fellow leaders. Unite and solve it quickly, before the torment of hellfire consumes our bodies,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Netizens, particularly those residing in Kelantan, unanimously agreed that the water situation in Kelantan was far from acceptable. Some stated that they had to rely on water vending machines, which are typically located some distance from their homes, particularly for kampung folk.

Even so, there are concerns about the extent of water quality, and some would prefer to spend more money on mineral water for the sake of their health; as reported by The Rakyat Post.

Additionally, when asked whether the dirty water issue was consistent or ‘seasonal’, a netizen responded saying “There are only two situations. No water at all, or contaminated water”.

Meanwhile, the tweet continues to garner retweets and replies as Malaysians express their disgust and tag the profiles of local authorities, prompting them to take action.

source: TRP

The Water and Environment Ministry previously estimated that a comprehensive approach to Kelantan’s water supply issues would take up to four decades. Its Minister, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, stated that RM7.3 billion would be required to resolve the water crisis as well as provide clean water to Kelantan.

At the time, he claimed that the state’s water supply issue would necessitate the replacement of pipes in order to reduce water loss, asserting that the Ministry would apply to the Economic Planning Unit to incorporate the proposal in the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP).