Youth Group Poses In Front Of PM’s Office & Gov’t Buildings With Banner Calling Out “Politikus”

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(source: @GerakMalaysia Twitter)

With the spike of Covid-19 cases following the Sabah elections, some people have began to express their dissatisfaction with politicians.

Last week, netizens started a new hashtag, #RakyatJagaRakyat to call out double standards between Malaysians and politicians, and there were also cases of banners blaming politicians over the Covid-19 spike displayed at Ipoh and Johor Bahru.

So far, there has been no official arrest regarding the vandalism.

While incidents like these usually involve secrecy, a youth collective known as Gerak Malaysia posted up pictures today of a group holding up a banner that wrote, “Rakyat menderita. Politikus peduli apa?” which translates to “The people are suffering. Do politicians even care?” on Twitter.

The people in the images can be seen posing with the banners in front of government buildings like Perdana Putra – the PM’s office building, the Education Ministry building, the Immigration centre and more.

A quick check on Gerak’s website reveals that they are led by several named members and also “lain-lain ahli yang misteri” (“other anonymous members”). It is uncertain who is involved in the incident as those posing in the photos wore masks.

In the captions in the Twitter thread, the group stated why they were there and ended with a political-poem.

Check it out:



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