Your Si Comel Has Different Needs at Different Life Stages… Here’s What to Feed Them

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(source: SmartHeart/ Catster)

While we love having a feline friend to keep us company, some of us probably don’t know that their dietary lifestyle is important too.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Wait, cats need different food at different stages of their lives?” and the answer is YES, they do! Feeding your cat an appropriate diet depending on their age and lifestyle is the most essential thing you can do for its lifelong health.

Remember, you can’t control your cat’s genetics but what you can control is what you feed to your furry friend and one thing’s for sure – SmartHeart acknowledges that too.

With various product selections that differ from dry food to wet food in pouches, cans and even in cute treats, SmartHeart cares about what your cat puts into its body.

This time, we’ll be focusing on SmartHeart’s dry food. This brand is optimal for your Si Comel as the kibbles help maintain good muscles, a shiny coat, strong immune system, even stronger bones and teeth as well as proper eye functions.

Since they have such a wide variety of dry food, we’re here to help break it down!

1. Mother and Baby

All to ensure amazing growth and muscle development for new-born babies, this specific line from SmartHeart includes high protein and triple probiotics. It’s perfect for both cat mommies and their babies as the kibbles are hydrating too.

2. Kitten

Young cats burn calories rapidly. Kitten-specific recipes are rich in protein to fuel muscle growth and high in calories for fast-release energy. This dry food promotes brain development, triple DHA enhancement and a healthy heart for all young playful kittens out there!

3. Skin & Coat Care

Lots of things can cause a kitty’s coat to be dull, or its skin to be dry and flaky. Obviously, it can be very uncomfortable for your cat and let’s not even start with the mess of shedding. This range includes skin protection through Biotin, Zinc and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which will nourish and strengthen your cats’ coat and skin.

4. Hairball control

When a cat is constantly grooming, it could cause digestive problems. With that, this rich in fibre range will remove the hairballs from your cat’s digestive tract while also supplementing natural fibre that will keep your cat healthy and strong.

5. Sterilized formula

Sometimes after neutering, a cat’s hormone level reduction can lead to metabolism slowdown. Fret not because many overweight cats can achieve significant healthy weight loss! This line includes a low-calorie diet for obese-prone cats without sacrificing the needed nutrition, taste and fats for your Si Comel.

6. Senior care

Cats spend an incredible 40% of their lives as seniors. This life stage starts at around seven and it involves lots of changes! To ensure you’re cat grows healthy in its golden years – SmartHeart’s senior care dry food includes a joint care formula with Glucosamine and Chondroitin as well as quality protein to support joint, bone and muscle wellness.

To summarise, here are details on all of SmartHeart’s dry food ranges:

Now that you know everything to keep Si Comel healthy and strong throughout the years, let’s act upon it. To make things easier as most of us are staying at home, you can get all of the above at SmartHeart Online Shop! All you have to do is browse, shop and pay.

Cheers to cats living a fulfilling life!

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