Get the Best Cat Food & Snacks from SmartHeart for Your Si Comel Sent Directly to Your Home

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source: SmartHeart

As we embrace the not-so-new normal in our everyday lives, it’s hard to imagine that some of our routines were completely different before this. For instance, shopping – some of us have experienced a shift to e-commerce slowly or completely.

The reasons being new cases are still on the rise, or being in our sweatpants at home are comfier than social distancing in a long queue outside.

Whether you’re browsing for your own essentials on your couch, shopping for your Si Comel has also become convenient thanks to the SmartHeart Official Shopee Store.

source: SmartHeart

From dry to wet food selections, each product from SmartHeart will help your cat maintain good muscles, shiny coat, stronger bones and teeth, including good eye functions.

Check out the list below so you’ll know which one fits your Si Comel the best:

source: SmartHeart

SmartHeart Cat Dry Food (Special Care Formula)

  • Mother and Baby – Includes high protein and triple probiotics. To feed kittens, Si Comel owners can add water to the product to soften.
  • Kitten – Promotes brain development, triple DHA enhancement and healthy heart.
  • Skin & Coat Care – Includes skin protection through Biotin, Zinc and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which will nourish and strengthen your cats coat and skin.
  • Hairball control – Has natural fibre supplementation. When a cat is constantly grooming, it could cause digestive problems. With that, this rich in fibre range will remove the hairballs from your cat’s digestive tract.
  • Sterilised formula – A low calorie diet for obese-prone cats without sacrificing the needed nutrition and fats for your Si Comel.
  • Senior care – A joint care formula with Glucosamine and Chondroitin as well as quality protein to support joint, bone and muscle wellness.
source: SmartHeart

SmartHeart Cat Flavoured

  • This line can be consumed by cats of all ages and breeds. There are 6 yummy flavours altogether which are SmartHeart Chicken and Tuna, SmartHeart Seafood, SmartHeart Salmon, SmartHeart Tuna and Shrimp, SmartHeart Mackerel and SmartHeart Chicken and Whitefish.
source: SmartHeart
source: SmartHeart

SmartHeart Cat Wet Food

  • Canned – Includes protein (for good muscle mass), fat (for healthy skin and shiny coat), vitamins (for enhanced immune system), minerals (for stronger bones and teeth) and taurine plus (for better eye functions).
  • Pouch – For healthy heart and brain development.
  • Real fish and chicken meat variants are available according to your Si Comel’s tastebuds.
source: SmartHeart

SmartHeart Cat Lick

  • Plaque prevention – With green tea extract to reduce oral problems
  • Prebiotic – Improve digestive system and stool
  • Healthy skin – With collagen
  • Joint care – Slows down joint degradation and improves mobility
  • All you need to do is cut the seal, squeeze and serve to your Si Comel!
Trying to control its face looking at the Hairball Control line from SmartHeart. source: SmartHeart

You can get all of the above at SmartHeart Official Shopee Store, which is as easy as browse, shop and pay. Now time to sit back and snuggle with your Si Comel until the parcel arrives.

Head to SmartHeart Official Shopee Store to shop now.