Your Favourite Indie Bands are Performing at MMU Cyberjaya’s BUNK-OFF Concert

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Have you ever wanted to layan bands but the prices are always burning a raging hole in the pocket of your thrifted jeans? It’s frustrating when all you want to do is escape your routinely life of assignments, work, meals and sleep but your wallet can only afford you nasi bujang and a boba biweekly. Well, fret no longer, for MMU Cyberjaya is having a fundraising concert with top-tier indie bands at only RM20-RM25!

If you’re someone that enjoys fun, dreampop, female-empowering music that relates to all things Malaysian and falls under the genres of punk, indie and rock, this concert is definitely something to put under your radar!

source: Communicare MMU

With bands that have been booming in the industry for years, their performances are sure to entrance you and put you in a momentary daze so you’ll forget all about the steaming, pile of procrastinated work on your desk. It’s okay to take a night off, but it’s even better to do it at MMU Cyberjaya’s Bunk-Off Concert. 😝

If the price doesn’t have you reaching for your wallet yet, here is their line-up for the night…

Main Acts

1. Spooky Wet Dreams

Are you into The Strokes, Foo Fighters, The Vaccines or The Killers? If you are, Spooky Wet Dreams is your best bet at getting a local band that exudes the same alternative indie/punk vibe. Travelling across South East Asia with their EP, Cold Pizza Party, and album, Koleksi Dedangan Untuk Masa Hadapan, in pocket, this Klang Valley band has the type of music that will have you jumping 3 feet off the ground. With cute little tributes to Malaysia mixed with a juxtaposition of angry persistence in the betterment of our education sector (I know, the versatility is crazyyy), Spooky Wet Dreams is one of the local bands that will continue to adorn our music industry with its awesome music.

Listen to my personal favourite, ‘Ini Sekolah Bukan Kilang’, that sorta has a Rage Against The Machine vibe, just without the swear words. Very family friendly *winks*

2. Youth Portal

As their name suggests, Youth Portal, was created to remind you of the youthful, effervescent days of doing the most frivolous activities but taking pleasure in the simplicity of it. Their sound reflects their lyrics with soft and dreamy music, fitting for a long drive with your significant other. Producing anthems for your daily routines, this band that was formed in Cyberjaya, makes the kind of music that would most likely be included in the soundtrack of your life.

Listen to their cute love song, ‘Film Song’, that is about wanting to encapsulate someone’s beauty in a film.

3. Senja

This girl-power inducing trio by the name of Senja is definitely going to make you head-bang and jump with their indie-rock music. Known for making songs for all of us nocturnal folks, Senja is meant to wake you up from your mundane life and lead you into a night bereft of inhibitions and introversion, since the lead singer calls everyone in the crowd to let loose and dance.

Watch them perform their most popular (and in my opinion, their best) song, ‘Everybody’s My F*cking Boyfriend’, that is guaranteed to increase your self-confidence by tenfolds!

4. Lxcid

A young indie-rock band hailing from Subang Jaya (woot woot!), Lxcid is an amalgamation of talented musicians who have been performing and writing music since they were in high-school. However, they debuted in 2017 and have attained a tight-knit following that enjoys their genre of ‘sendu but hopeful’ music. Their lead singer, Adam Ariff, says that Lxcid pays homage to all you sadbois out there that are in need of an anthem for your heartbreak.

Listen to their most recent single, ‘Sunflower’, that will surely put you in calming daze.

Opening Act

Arm-Punk Sindicate

A group of teenagers with a healthy and needed message of anti-corruption and mental health advocacy, Arm-Punk Sindicate, is (as mentioned in their name) a punk band that has a refreshing sound with an even more invigorating purpose. Their lyrics that are meant to spread awareness on drug abuse and other issues that are tainting our nation are well-received within their loyal fanbase.

Watch their video for ‘Satu Bendera’ that has cool graphics alongside an important message.

Rock out to all these bands on 4 September 2019 and don’t forget to bring your friends so you can mosh your little indie hearts out! See you there!

For more information, visit the website here.

To buy your tickets, click here or visit Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya on Wednesday (28 August) at 6-10pm to purchase physical tickets.

Follow them on twitter @CommunicareMMU or instagram @cflmmucyber

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