An Expression of What ‘A Love Once Lost’ Means Through Series of Beautiful Photos by Daniel Adams

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Cover image: Daniel Adams

Malaysian conceptual, portrait photographer Daniel Adams has always been upfront in expressing societal, political and personal issues, transforming them into beautiful works of art in his own surreal way through the abstract stylistic approach to the medium.

‘A Love Once Lost’ is the newest project from Adams, a personal one and that – which explores the human emotions of grief, sadness, isolation, acceptance and more. After a long year of battling with breast cancer, Daniel’s mother Grace Adams sadly passed away.

Adams stated that “this project is not only dedicated to her, but also to the many individuals who have lost someone to cancer.”

Photos by Daniel Adams.

This labour of love took 16 months to complete and is one that took him into his own personal journey of healing. The outcome is beautiful–a collage that could connect the audience on their own journey.

In his own words, Adams said “each image is conceptualised in a specific manner, creating metaphors and analogies for the feelings that come to life after losing a loved one.”

‘A Love Once Lost’ Exhibition will be held at APW Bangsar throughout the weekend of 23 to 25 August 2019. In honour of Daniel’s mother, Grace Adams, all of the work will be for sale and 50% of the profit will be donated to Cancer Research Malaysia to assist their fight against cancer.

(source: Daniel Adams)

For this auction, there will be a winner of each piece of work at the end of the night. To those who are planning to get one, there will be a card terminal for payment.

You are advised to bring a debit/credit card or cash to make purchases, or if you wish to purchase beforehand, contact Daniel Adams at [email protected]

For more information, visit or the Facebook event page.

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