Promising Malaysian Footballer Becomes Delivery Boy During Pandemic

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According to NST, young, talented and full of promise Luqman Hakim Shamsuddin, a Malaysian striker, has hung-up his football jersey and replaced it with a delivery boy uniform during the Covid-19 pandemic.

source: The Star

Previously named by Guardian as one of the top 60 best young football players in the world for 2019, Luqman had a life of travel and success ahead of him before the pandemic hit. Initially scheduled to fly to Europe to sign a five-year contract with Belgium club K.V. Kortrijk, he was also scouted and supposed to train for three months with English club Cardiff City.

source: NST

Since his career is on hold, Luqman decided to take up the job as a delivery boy to pass the time as well as contribute help to his country during its time of need. Now, instead of delivering goals, he delivers food and instead of seeing him on the field, you might just see him on your doorstep!


Luqman states that he chose the job, for it will help keep him determined, hardworking and fit as he continues to train diligently at home until the MCO is lifted.

Before going to Europe, Luqman also plans to play for Selangor 2 in the Premier League which will give him more experience and sharpen his skillset. Until then, we wish our young talent all the best and hope he makes it overseas to make us proud!

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