You Won’t Believe How Much Kanye West’s High School Artwork Costs

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source: Designboom

Pieces from Kanye West’s high school art portfolio appeared on the PBS TV series called ‘Antiques Roadshow’. According to the website, Designboom, these pieces were examined and appraised by pop culture memorabilia specialist – Laura Woolley. She determined that the collection, which boasted five of West’s artworks, were evaluated to cost between $16,000 – $23,000 USD (RM69,600-RM100,050).

Woolley added that all these drawings were completed by West in 1995 at the age of 17. By then, he had already studied art in various schools including the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago State University, Nanjing University in China and Polaris High School in Illinois.

The collection consists of 5 different artworks done in various mediums which Woolley pointed out as a reason for specifically selecting these pieces. She also stated that they ‘demonstrate an extraordinary facility as an artist’ and believes the drawings would increase in value as time goes by.

source: Designboom

According to this inscription found in his memorabilia, West originally sold black and white prints for $12.00 (RM52.20) each or three for $30.00 (RM130.50) whereas his coloured prints cost $15.00 (RM65.25) each or $25.00 (RM108.75) for two.

Check out this video for a more in-depth breakdown of Kanye West’s portfolio:

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