You Can Get Up To 18 Months Installment Subsidy, Rebates, Free Internet & More With Matrix Concepts HOMEMADE Plan

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Owning a property is a big decision. Whether it’s for investment or for yourself, there are a lot of things to consider before getting a house.

However, it’s become more accessible to own your dream house with developers offering low interest rates and so many benefits.

Matrix Concepts offers a variety of projects from link homes to Semi-Ds, catering to customers with different needs.They have launched a new housing plan called HOMEMADE PLAN for those looking to own a home and the best part is, it comes packed with rewards!

Scroll down to take a look at the benefits that come with Matrix Concepts HOMEMADE PLAN…

*No downpayment needed

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Eyeing that beautiful corner lot? With this plan, you can immediately book your dream home without putting a downpayment.

Apart from waiving the downpayment, you can also waive *18 months instalment payment. This gives you 1 year and 6 months to save up and settle down in your new home.

You’ll get a *2% rebate when purchasing a Matrix property! This is one of the ways Matrix Concepts is helping you to realise your dream as a homeowner.

*Free stamp duty

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As Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced, the government is reintroducing HOC 2020 (Housing Ownership Activity), which means every Malaysian citizen will be exempted from stamp duty when buying a residential property until 31 May 2021.

*Free legal fees

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Buying a property usually includes a legal fee that you need to pay but with this housing plan, you won’t need to pay for an attorney.

They will assign an attorney to help process all the documents for free! All you need to do is just choose a home.

Choose and secure your dream home

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Choosing a house that you’d want to call your own isn’t as easy as ABC. Sometimes you see something you like, but it’s been booked for someone else.

With this housing plan, you can easily secure the house that you want. All you need to do is pay a RM1,000 *booking fee and that house that is set for you.

Referral rewards

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Whenever you introduce a Matrix Concepts property to a friend or family member, you will receive what’s called as a recommendation reward, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy perks and discounts! This only applies to existing customers, so you better sign up now.

Loyalty programme

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As a way of giving back to the customers, Matrix offers tonnes of rewards when you purchase a second property as part of their exclusive loyalty programme.

Discounts for Matrix Global Schools admission

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Buying a home is a long term investment and it’s important to choose an area where you have access to everything you need – like education! When you purchase a property a Matrix property, you will get a 5% discount on tuition fees for Matrix Global Schools admission.

Ideally located at the centre of the town, the Matrix Global Schools include a preschool, private primary and secondary schools with KSSR syllabus, as well as an international school that offers Cambridge courses.

*Free d’Tempat Country Club premium membership

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Spanning over 485,000 square feet, d’Tempat Country Club has everything from an Olympic-size swimming pool, 10-alley bowling lanes, gym, tennis court, badminton court, children’s playroom and so much more.

The catering department is also open to the public, but the sports and leisure activities are for members only. While the usual price is around RM2,000+ per family membership, the HOMEMADE plan will give you a *premium membership for free. Yes, it’s FREE!

Get a fresh hair cut at the barbershop, or have a ladies’ day out at the 5-star spa or have fun at the game centre. It’s a family-friendly space for everyone to play, work, sweat it out or just relax.

*Surf the internet for free

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Like technology, the internet has become a part of our daily routine. As if all the benefits aren’t enough, the HOMEMADE plan will also give you *free internet access at your home for one year for selected projects.

*Selected Projects with Terms and Conditions Apply

Owning a home made easy with Matrix Concepts’ HOMEMADE plan

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The plan is great for anyone looking to get their first home, or those looking to buy a second one. It’s a secure and strategic neighbourhood with all the necessities you need for a good life.

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