You Can Bring Baby Yoda to Your Living Room With ‘The Mandalorian A.R. Experience’ From Google

source: Disney

After the disappointing and sorta, forgettable sequel trilogy, Star Wars rose up again with the exciting The Mandalorian series that is now in season 2 on Disney+.

Now, taking it a step further, Google and Lucasfilm have teamed up to bring us ‘The Mandalorian AR Experience’ app – an interactive game that allows fans to play with characters from the series by using augmented reality on their smartphones.

source: The Star

The augmented reality experience will let you relive “moments from the first season,” said Matthieu Lorrain, Head of Creative, AR Partnerships at Google in a post.

Once you’re on the app, you can bring characters like Mando and the ever adorable Baby Yoda to the comfort of your living room to chill or you know, help you with some womp rats problem.

source: Google Play

Google uses ARCore technology, allowing better 3D rendering in the environment that you can interact with from scenes created. You can also discover and unlock other effects depending on your actions in the game, and basic functions like taking photos and sharing them are also available.

The Mandalorian AR Experience is available on a selection of Android devices that have been revealed by Google. While 5G connection isn’t required to launch the app, Google said other devices will be added soon if they are 5G compatible.

If you think the Star Wars sequel trilogy was bad, then wait ’til you watch The Star Wars Holiday Special.