WTF: This Malaysian Is Legitimately Selling Two Bruno Mars Concert Tickets For RM18K

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(source: CBS)

As y’all know, Grammy Award winner and world-renowned artiste, Bruno Mars will be bringing his massive global headline tour – The 24K Magic World Tour to Kuala Lumpur this 9 May. Yes, it’s on election day and yes, it’s still on! All 12,000 tickets for the show have sold out, which means it’s a great time for resellers and scalpers to start popping out.

Although most resellers tend to sell tickets at a slightly higher price to desperate fans, this one particular Malaysian is reselling two tickets for an exaggerated RM18,000. So basically, one ticket is RM9,000. If that ain’t brave, we don’t know what is.

Twitter user @WanMohdNazri tweeted on 2 May stating that his friend couldn’t make it to the concert, therefore they needed to sell their tickets off. But today, angry netizens started to attack him for the ridiculous price thus making him delete the tweet, but luckily for us, 7we got screenshots *wink*wink*.

Check out the tweet and the screenshot of the seating that he provided:

Another twitter user, @alwinhimself called out the guy stating that the original price of that particular seating was only RM1098 per ticket. From that to RM9000? The mark-up is real.

Reselling tickets in Malaysia has reached a new extreme now. According to Says, last March at pop-trio, LANY‘s concert, a girl resold tickets to more than 20 people and caused the gig to be delayed for about two hours.

There are so many ways to get money, but scamming and scalping tickets is just shady af.

Ticket scalping has become a profitable and popular business recently, and while some make a quick buck, it’s unfair for concert goers overall. We just want to enjoy the show at the stipulated price, man.

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