Dua Lipa Is Back In Malaysia But Has Already Called Out Malaysia Airlines and Fans

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Prepare yourself with some hot tea for this one. International pop-superstar, Dua Lipa, has just arrived in Malaysia yesterday from Hong Kong and she’s ready to perform for her concert here tonight at KL Live. But even before she could wind down and relax, she let out a bit of her frustration upon arriving here in Malaysia in an already deleted tweet.

When asked regarding why she wouldn’t hug a fan at the KLIA Airport, she replied by saying that she had already been bombarded in the airplane itself by Malaysia Airlines (based on uniform in pictures) stewards and passengers, which caused her security to be amped up. Miss Lipa was also advised to walk quickly and not stop for fans.

Take a look at the already deleted tweet:

After the infamous ‘babi’ case that happened to Dua due to immature Malaysians, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Brit star has no plans to return to Malaysia. Some fans seem to be mad at one passenger who recently tweeted an image of him with Dua Lipa in the plane from Hong Kong, blaming him to be the reason why she was slightly upset.

(source: Twitter @hazimhilmii)

But then again, she is a one of the hottest superstars out there and that alone will attract unwanted people, whether she likes it or not. This makes us wonder, is this the price to pay for fame?

As Malaysians though, we should always be cautious and realise that big celebrities like her are human too. So put aside your touristy tendencies and give Dua her space and time. As much as fans can relate to artistes’ music, touring is not an easy task, it’s a busy lifestyle. Finally, can y’all please at least just let her enjoy her time here in Malaysia? Miss Lipa just wants to put on an amazing show for us, so the least we can do is respect that.

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