“We Shop No Have Special Massage”, Hair Salon Investigated for Posting Raunchy Marketing Photos

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Any marketing is good marketing, right?

A hair salon that recently opened its doors in Puchong went viral after posting several sexually provocative images of sexy hair stylists washing their customers’ hair.

The images were uploaded by the hair studio themselves in celebration of the shop’s grand opening on 2nd June.

The photographs immediately spread over the internet, and the business was struggling to keep up with all of the attention they were receiving.

One Facebook user jokingly posted the images with the caption “Aihhh, my hair has grown so I have to go to AJ Hair Studio la to tidy up.”

Some Facebook users claimed that AJ Hair Studio offered a special massage, the happy ending sort, which led to the company taking the photographs off from its social media pages.

However, it was too late since the harm had already been done, and the pictures were still being spread by irresponsible individuals.

But honestly, who could blame them? Men, women and the they/them community all appreciate a good pair of nasi lemak’.

The shop continued by posting an update on its Facebook page with a poster that says “We no have special massage, picture is funny only.”

They finally took the initiative to censor the pair of knockers that were put on display. However, the text itself tickled my funny bone more than the image displayed.

Due to the provocative images circulated by largely Facebook users, the police were plucked and paid a visit to the hair shop yesterday.

They conducted thorough research on the premise to see whether the shop actually provides a special kind of massage.

Later that night, the shop uploaded again but this time with a police report.

The shop owner reassures the public that they do not run any kind of shady business at the hair studio.

They stated today that they would do a Facebook Live session tonight at 9 p.m. to provide an explanation of what has been going on in their store.

Though they say the photographs are for amusement, we can easily see the true purpose of the images which is to urge the public to get their scalp checked at the salon!

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