SPM Students Shake Off Results Day Nerves With Tragically Hilarious Memes On Twitter

source: Jom Sambung Belajar

You might recall that anxious feeling of impending doom the night before your SPM results (or whatever it was called, back in your day).

Results are out tomorrow (June 16) for students who took the exam in 2021, but now, in the modern era of technological advancement, they have the privilege of sharing their agony and distress with one another across social media platforms – mainly in the form of memes.

See how students have come up with painfully funny captions to accompany classic meme-able images:

Here's a quick reminder not to get all up in your friends' business too:

And more of our top picks:

Regardless of results, we think these students have already mastered the art of carefully curated fear-related memes...

Jokes aside, we wish SPM students all the best, and look forward to your continuous achievements and amusing content!