WATCH: ‘Tiong Bahru Social Club’ Is A Colourful & Whimsical Film That Looks Like It Was Directed By Wes Anderson

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source: 13 Little Pictures

Singaporean film, Tiong Bahru Social Club that will later arrive in December in cinemas just released its first trailer, showing us the colourful and whimsical world of a mysterious cult-like organisation.

The film follows protagonist Ah Bee’s journey in Tiong Bahru Social Club which is “a data-driven project to create the happiest neighbourhood in the world.”

It’s Tan Bee Thiam’s directorial debut, who said the film was inspired by the “cosy, happiness-inducing feeling of the iconic neighbourhood” of Tiong Bahru in Singapore, serving as a tribute to its unique architecture and communal feel.

Watch the trailer:

“We hope people will enjoy the film once we bring it to its home turf as well. It is a very special Singaporean piece so anyone who loves great art direction and reality sparkled with imagination should be in for a treat.” says producer Huang Junxiang in a press release.

The film is also selected to screen at upcoming festivals across Asia in December, including the Malaysia International Film Festival in December.

With colours reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s works, combined with Black Mirror’s sci-fi anxious dystopian feel, Tiong Bahru Social Club begins screening at Golden Village cinemas across Singapore from 10 December onwards.

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