Finn The Human Makes A Hot Return In HBO Max’s Limited Series ‘Adventure Time Distant Lands’

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source: Medium

Adventure Time Distant Lands is a limited four-part series that kicked off in June on HBO Max. The latest episode, ‘Obsidian’, follows Marceline the Vampire’s and Princess Bubblegum’s life after the war.

This couple is the best, but one question that was on everybody’s mind was, “What happened to Finn and Jake?” It has been more than a year since we saw them.

Beware! We’re gonna jump into some mild spoiler territory (in case you missed the headline). It has been revealed that Finn – who is now a man – is alive and well, and he’s making a return.

It was surreal to see Finn, who now sports a bushy beard and a Jake chest tattoo, pop out of his trailer. Now we know he’s going to help Marcie and P.B with some monster troubs.

While, they do supply great fan service, the show in itself is beautiful and expands the world with amazing stories and songs. It also realises our favourite characters by fleshing them out and reminding us why we love them in the first place.

Adventure Time Distant Lands gives fans the break they need, especially during these crazy times. With two episodes left, we can’t wait to see our favourite heroes return and do what they do best: Kick some butt!