WATCH: Indomie Ads are Now Noodle-Free for the Whole Fasting Month

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(source: Indomie Youtube)

This year’s Ramadan is starting off weird… We’re in the midst of a pandemic, food bazaars in Malaysia are now officially online and everyone is stuck at home. We might just be living in a badly written Black Mirror episode and Indomie’s Ramadhan campaign is making things weirder!

According to Malay Mail, Indonesia’s top instant noodle brand is taking it to a whole new level of advertising with the launch of Indomie’s ‘Special Pack 5-in-1 Edisi Ramadan’ by making all the visuals noodle-free. No shade, but for all you weak-hearted souls, this packaging won’t get you too hungry when staring at it, hehe.

(source: Indomie Youtube)

Instead of mouth-watering Indomie noodles, an empty black plate is presented alongside the words “Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa” which translates to “Happy Fasting This Ramadhan”. Apparently, the removal of the noodles’ image is seen as a conscious move to address religious sensitivity during the fasting month.

Many netizens are loving it because not only is it creative and inventive – it’s also hilarious!

“This is silly, hilarious, and clever all at once,” said @tha_rami on Twitter.

“Imagine having a food brand so powerful that you don’t need to show your food and people will still buy your products,” wrote @snowlattes.

To make it even funnier, Indomie released a commercial with the empty plates too. Check it out:

Indomie also has a separate version of the advertisement that’s aired after the breaking of fast in which the noodles finally get some airtime.

Guess we know what to have for Iftar tonight! Not this though, haram!

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