WATCH: Rejected By The Pack, This Depressed Lone Wolf Walks In An Odd Figure-Of-Eight Pattern

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(Source: Daily Mail)

We live in a dog eat dog world, where in order to get by, an individual’s status and reputation matters. In the animal world, there’s not much difference when compared to ours, especially when it comes to wolves, as they have their own social standing in their packs.

Recently, a wolf in Linquan County Magic Zoo in the city of Fuyang in eastern China’s Anhui province was spotted circulating in an eerie figure-of-eight route.

The workers in the zoo stated that his odd behaviour was due to how it had been rejected from its pack, causing it to feel a bit depressed, resulting in it walking in the same pattern over and over again.

According to a spokesperson in The Daily Mail, the wolf had been shunned from his pack because of his “low status” and had been sent to the edge of its enclosure by the alpha in the pack. It’s also reported that the zoo has 16 wolves in total including the depressed one.

(Source: Daily Mail UK)

Another reason why this might be happening to the poor wolf is because of how it’s new to the zoo, thus making him already being rejected by three packs of wolves so far.

At this point, the zoo has been accommodating the lone wolf as best as it can but hopes it will soon be accepted to one of the packs so it will stop pacing.

Hold on there, wolfie! We’re sure you’ll be accepted soon!

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