WATCH: Phua Chu Kang Raps Against Covid-19 in Music Video

Screen shot from YouTube.

The man with the yellow rain boots, frizzy hair and probably one of the most famous tahi lalat ever is back.. this time in a PSA rap music video. Serius ah?

After his ‘Sarvivor’ song – a PSA about SARS, Uncle Phua (played by actor Gurmit Singh) is back to inform the public (mainly Singapore, and some say JB) about the Covid-19 pandemic.

In ‘Singapore Be Steady’, PCK opens the song with the lines – “First don’t kan cheong, don’t be confused / Check the source then share the news” – tackling the issue of fake news spreading on social media and messaging platforms.

He also takes a jab at panic buyers. As he spits the line “don’t be kiasu“, rows of toilet papers and instant noodles appear in the background.

PCK also reminds us of the front-liners who work tirelessly during this crisis and, if you meet them, to say “thank you” and “belanja them mee rebus“.

I think the messages are universal, especially when he says “Stay clean and healthy / Just use your brain, use your brain!” Good to see PCK back in action.

Stay safe, stay home.

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