WATCH: NJWA’s New Single ‘Take Love Back’ Shines on Interracial Love

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NJWA’s new single, ‘Take Love Back’ presents us with a common issue that many of us has face, but often unspoken. The alternative R&B songstress has always been upfront in tackling delicate subject matter in her music and she continues to display her artistry and this new single that talks about interfaith and interracial love, accompanied by a beautiful MV.

The song’s narrative is beautifully captured by NJWA’s enchanting vocals, soothing down-tempo R&B sounds, while an emotive dance performance by Grace Ng and Nabil Zakaria portray the song’s anecdote.

It’s only fitting that the MV features a special cameo by Sharifah Amani and Ng Choo Seong, the stars of 2005’s Sepet, a film about the same struggle.

NJWA explains that with a track like ‘Take Love Back’, it was important that the music video strongly represented the essence of the song and conveys how I truly feel about this matter. Despite being a melting pot of cultures, diversities and ethnicities, Malaysia still has a long way to go in terms of tolerance and understanding.”

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