WATCH: Netizens Share Cute Videos of Fictional Characters Greeting Children on First Day of School

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Going back to school can be a solemn moment for not just the children but for parents as well, especially with the constant loom of the Covid-19 virus.

However, to lighten the mood and lift spirits, teachers and entertainers from across the country have been donning costumes of children’s favourite fictional characters in order to greet them on their first day.

Initiated by Twitter user @k_izzudin, the trend began when he uploaded a video of two Transformers marching on the school grounds of SK Kubang Kerian 3. The awesome looking suits surely impressed many students and increased their excitement to start school.

Take a look:

Due to that video, many netizens joined in on the fun to share other schools that were putting in the extra initiative to cheer up the young’uns.

Here are a few impressive and wholesome pictures and videos of people who are dedicating their time to making our children happy:

So much respect and admiration goes out to the teachers who not only educate our children but also care about their happiness and well-being.

Hopefully, with all these hilarious yet adorable costumes, our children will have a conducive learning environment despite the obstacles.