WATCH: M’sians Host ‘Kenduri Kahwin’ in Grand Theft Auto & It Looks Exactly Like The Real Thing!

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(source: GTA 5 Malaysia Youtube)

To a total outsider, the infamous Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) looks like just another game in which characters shoot other characters. Okay, to be fair, it is a game about crime – but it’s also a game about randomly driving on the highway listening to cool tunes (one of Yuna’s included), playing tennis, doing yoga, buying clothes and other real life daily routines that would normally be out of place in a fast paced action game. It all fits together in the bizarrely vivid world of the game and has led to it becoming the best selling game of this decade.

While GTA 5 has an in-depth single-player game with a storyline, GTA Online is an open-world game with endless freedom. It’s your choice to gleefully pursue criminal activities like robbing a bank with your friends online, or do something totally random and pedestrian, like this group of Malaysian streamers who recreated a traditional Malay wedding.

Yesterday, a Twitter user shared a snippet of a Youtube video by GTA 5 Malaysia captioned ‘Kenduri Kahwin Versi PKP’ which translates to ‘Malay Wedding MCO Version’. Check it out:

The kenduri kahwin had everything a normal Malay wedding would have including – the grand entrance alongside kompang music, the tradition of exchanging pantun, the couple sitting side-by-side (called bersanding) on the wedding dais, merinjis – where “VIP” guests bless the couple, as well as an attempt at cultural performances like Silat and Rewang.

The details are scarily accurate – they even have a wedding photographer LOL!

While that tweet has garnered 420K views, the hilarious full video was created by a group of Malaysian YouTubers/Streamers who specifically use GTA Online to create their own Malaysians mods. That’s why it is possible to have the group decked out in traditional Malay clothes for the reception and other amazing details in the gameplay.

Watch the full video here! Although, we’re not sure if the wedding is following the necessary SOP hehe..

If you love videos like this, you should undoubtedly subscribe to their YouTube channel or maybe if you’re missing the outside world too much – you can live vicariously through their localised GTA content! Seriously! They stream everything from rempit races to catching people ponteng puasa, to even bus rides untuk balik kampung – all in the GTA Online world.

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