WATCH: M’sia-Based Self-Defence Instructor Fights COVID-19 in Hilarious ‘Social Distancing’ Video

source: Youtube / Jeet Academy KL

Using hand sanitisers to fight against COVID-19 is amateur business. Try using your fists like this Arab-European, Malaysian-based self-defence instructor who teaches Krav Maga – a fighting style developed by the Israeli military. Yikes!

source: Instagram @benabbesjihad

Enter Ben Abbes Jihad, a self-defined fitness geek who moonlights as a self-defence instructor. This globe trotter has visited Cyprus, Morocco, Turkey, China but now runs his business (Jeet Academy KL) in Malaysia. He even has a superhero origin story.

In 2007, Ben was a victim of a violent attack in the streets of Brussels, his hometown. From then on, he was determined to prevent that situation from happening again which is why he started training and researching self-defence and martial arts.

source: ClassPass

He even found his Ra’s al Ghul through a mentor who taught him the art of Krav Maga, and Jeet Kune Do which was created by Bruce Lee. Equipped with military-approved self-defence techniques, he travels the world to teach others how to defend themselves through seminars and workshops.

Not only does he appreciate the physical aspect of martial arts, he studies its holistic qualities as well and focuses on the psychological impacts of violence.

Recently, Ben decided to take the ‘fight’ in the battle against COVID-19 literally by posting a tutorial on how to kick someone’s ass when they’re invading your personal space. But don’t worry, after you’ve laid your hands on these nosy people, Ben still recommends for you to sanitise.

Watch the clip below:

So now, whenever someone wants to shake your hand, hug or kiss you, you know what to do!

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