WATCH: McDonald’s Bangsar Employee Dances His Buns Off to Attract Customers

source: Facebook

While it may seem as things are starting to take off again, the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) is still pressing hard on everyone, including restaurants.

Many F&B outlets are doing their best to attract customers to enter their doors, but sometimes you have to take it just a notch, especially during these trying times.

While employees at McDonald’s Bangsar were stationed outside the restaurant with signboards, encouraging customers to opt for a drive-thru to order, this particular staff took his job a bit more seriously… You could say he’s a real attention seeker lol…

Instead of the standard cold greeting that you usually get from promoters, this employee caught everyone’s attention by showing off his dance moves to attract potential patrons to the branch.

A video posted in a Facebook group shows the employee standing in the middle of the road on the divider, holding a McDonald’s drive-thru sign while breaking a move, even using a traffic light as sexy pole, showing that he’s probably dabbled in dancing before.

There’s no music playing loudly, so we’re guessing he’s probably imagining an Ariana Grande song… Just based on his moves.